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Fotóözön XI

A közelmúltban csináltam pár fényképet a garnélákról, tessék – tessék 🙂

Pinto csapat

King kong


Piros Pinto belly

Fekete pinto belly


Red ruby

Red Ruby

Blue bolt

Super Princess

Bloody Mary hím


Kedvenc – blue shadow Mosura

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  1. Jay Marshal 2014.07.17 at 18:41 - Reply

    Thank you for posting all your experience with these shrimp. Your “pinto team” picture is great! What is that wood type of board? It is like a square bark?
    You have excellent looking tanks many shrimpers are sure to find an inspiration.
    Excellent work!
    Kind Regards
    Jay Marshal

  2. szentgyo 2014.07.18 at 16:08 - Reply


    Thank you for the kind post, i am glad that you like my shrimps.

    On the pinto group picture, this is not a wood, but a half eaten banana leaf.

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